Hello again everyone. We are so happy to have such great news to share with you! So we finished wrapping up our story with Dikembe Mutombo this week ok? and coincidentally we also received the go ahead for Media passes to the Atlanta Hawks home games. All that basketball love in one week! 😀

It was great to speak with Mr. Mutombo. He is a very nice guy and EXTREMELY funny. This year he’ll be hosting his annual fundraiser here in Atlanta to support his hospital that he built in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). If your kindness can’t display how nice of a guy you are? Building a $30 million dollar hospital does! He’s an all around great guy and human being.


So along with NBA passes we met with an former NBA Center and discussed everything from his hospital, to why Atlanta is so great, to March Madness. So needless to say we are definitely getting our fill of basketball this week 🙂

We hope your weekend is looking as beautiful as ours! Cheers from Atlanta!


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