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We just got back from the Titanic Exhibit down at Atlantic Station? Can you say amazing? Funny thing about our weather is when “rain” is predicted. It was sunny all day, the entire day. Go inside the exhibit, finish the exhibit, open the door, and it’s pouring outside. But that downpour didn’t stop anyone at Atlantic Station from the BB&T Open festivities or joining me upstairs in the Exhibition Center! 🙂

When you first enter the exhibit you’re greeted by a host. He welcomes you and gives you a boarding pass. The cool thing about this is you actually have a boarding pass of one of the real passengers! How cool is that? I was Ernst Gilbert Danbom from Iowa. My wife and I went on a yearlong honeymoon to Sweden (now THAT’S a honeymoon) and were traveling on the Titanic 3rd class.



Traveling 3rd class yet my wife and I took a yearlong honeymoon to Sweden? Doesn’t sound right does it? Well, come to find out a lot of people that traveled 3rd class could afford 2nd class, but they decided to save money instead. The difference today in ticket prices? oh let’s say the difference between $900 and fifty some odd THOUSAND dollars! (difference in a 1st and 3rd class ticket). Hence the reason why so many traveled 3rd class and saved their money. Also from my reading I discovered that many 3rd class passengers were actually immigrants that left the USA for whatever reason (bring back money, bring family back to the USA, etc), and were traveling back stateside. It was amazing to see a mock first class room and to see firsthand how people wrote, dressed, and what was considered luxury back then. Seeing how much coal was needed to power the massive Titanic and to learn about her sister ships were interesting as well. White Star Line had 3 massive ships to introduce to the world…. what did you think I was going to tell you? GO TO THE EXHIBIT! 🙂  or you can just wait until our 2nd issue comes out! 😀

Does Ernst Danbom survive? Did I have any children? Were there any notable passengers traveling in 1st class? Find out soon in our next issue or go to our beautiful Atlantic Station and mark your adventures with your own story! Enjoy a few more pictures and look forward to us bringing you more amazing attractions VERY soon!




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  1. Ernst is my great great uncle. The reason why he stayed in Sweeden for two yers was because there were better working conditions there as also he wanted to bring his wife’s family over to America. The only survivor is my great great grandmother. He wanted them to have a better life in America then what they had in Sweeden although the working conditions were better in Sweeden than in America. I respect my great great uncle and what he did for his family. All he wanted was a better life for them.

      1. Yes she is but she respectfully died many many years ago in Stanton, Iowa, before I was born. I do not know her name or where she is buried, but if I get any more information about her I shall let you know.

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