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As I said in the last post we have a lot to update you on 🙂 Recently we went to Publik Draft House in Midtown (next to the Fox Theatre) to listen to the smooth vocals of  Marian Mereba.

The 22-year-old Philadelphia native of Ethiopian descent is a breath of fresh air when it comes to music. Miss Mereba is a college-educated voice, with music that is the soundtrack for millions of universal stories. The echoes of her sensual voice over versatile, self-produced guitar and piano melodies coupled with lyrics that the whole world can sing to sets her apart from her competition. With lyrical, physical, and international appeal, it’s easy to close your eyes and get caught up in the imagination as her soothing voice glides through the soul. Not just as an artist but as a person, I can tell you she is a pleasure. Kind and humble, I received copious thank you’s for coming to hear her perform and I remember her being very personable. All too often you (especially in Atlanta) will come across artists and their lack of personality or extraneous arrogance will totally overshadow their performance. But with Miss Mereba it was the exact opposite; with friends and other supporters present after her set she happily blended in with everyone else. A kind and respectful artist shouldn’t be a rarity in these times but since it is I don’t mind giving credit where its due.

Her music is great and it was a pleasure meeting such a talent. We look forward to more performances from her and we hope you join us 🙂

You can follow Marian on Twitter @MissMereba
Visit her website at
View her music video HERE

Keep good music alive!


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