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We enjoy bringing movies to the forefront that fly under the radar so to speak. The movie “Intouchables” would be one of those films. A month or so ago we told you the feel good movie of the summer was “Beasts of the Southern Wild.” We had no idea how another independent film could surpass that but we’d have to say this french-subtitled masterpiece fits the bill. Both are excellent films but this one is a comedy and at first glance you may think you’re about to watch a film featuring Dustin Hoffman (you can’t tell us he doesn’t look like Dustin Hoffman!).

The main character Philippe (Francois Cluzet) is an extremely wealthy man who injures himself in a paragliding accident which led to his quadriplegic state. After going through numerous caretakers the movie opens with him interviewing a large mass of hopeful applicants. He ends up hiring a man named Driss, (Omar Sy) a Senegalese immigrant from the projects. The greatest example of opposites attracting are seen before we get into the thick of the film: A good-looking white aristocrat who adores the arts hires a tall african american with a record who lives with his mother. The beauty of it all was that they had a lot in common from their first meet.

We don’t want to give too much away but I have never in life seen a subtitled movie provide so much comedy. You may wonder where comedy can come from with a caretaker and a handicapped man? No need to feel sorry for Philippe because he doesn’t feel sorry at all. His strength and courage in the movie keeps the moviegoers from feeling any sort of sadness while Driss can provide the comedic relief.

Trust me when we say it’s funny! The success of this films’ global appeal? On opening weekend last year it made €10,675,385 in France ok? To this day, globally, it has grossed $351,019,943 🙂  So if anything see the movie to see why it’s grossed over $350 million in less than a year! This movie will not disappoint in any way and we HIGHLY suggest you take the time to see this one. It’s still available to be seen at 3 theaters here in Atlanta:

1) United Artists Tara-Atlanta
2) Lefont Sandy Springs
3) Regal Snellville Oaks Stadium 14

“Sometimes you have to reach into someone else’s world to find out what’s missing in your own.”


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