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Good morning everyone-

We kept hearing about this new addition to Atlantic Station so we decided to stop by and see what BGR was all about. We try to mix it up when we do restaurant reviews to get the most accurate, real-life experience. The last restaurant we reviewed we spoke to management prior to our arrival but this time we decided on the fly “we’re going in!”

When coming up the escalator from the parking garage (the escalators that lead straight to the restaurants) it’s the first restaurant you can see on the right. But even before you go up the escalator there’s a BGR sticker greeting you at the foot. Once upstairs you’ll find BGR and all of its beefy glory.

What better time to try BGR Burger joint than when a friend comes into town from Chicago claiming “we are a city of burgers, hot dogs, and pizza. What’s a good burger joint in Atlanta?” Well we’re going to try BGR and not just because it also sports the word “joint” in its title 😉

Once inside their menu is posted on the wall in chalk, like a real, legit burger “joint”. Their prices are reasonable for what you receive and the type of establishment it is. At first glance you may compare a $9 or $13 burger to something you’ve eaten in the past at a different restaurant and say that’s overpriced. But what you must remember is that this is a restaurant whose main focus is solely burgers and comparing it to burger establishments I’ve fancied in the past it’s right on. One thing BGR offers that I haven’t seen before was beer, wine, and spirits.

So now to the good part, the food! My guest ordered the most simple item on the menu “The Burger,” with everything on it while I ordered Sliders. After you order you’re given a buzzer to alert you when your meal is ready. They cook to order and the wait is beyond reasonable. You can seat yourself inside or outside and the inside has flat screens for sports. That is a great idea since the wait time feels nonexistent when you’re watching a football game!

So after about 10 minutes our meals were ready and they looked DELICIOUS!

If you notice I received 4 sliders instead of the usual 3 and unlike most sliders these were filling! Ordered well done and with fries this was by far the best burger-fry combination I’ve had in years. Our guest from Chicago also commented on her first bite “ooooooh this is like heaven!” So BGR gets the local and out-of-town approval nod 🙂

Being involved in Social Media means you have to be social and I did not hesitate to converse with the staff. The girls were beyond amazing and had great personalities. Asia, Chantelle, and Annika were on staff that day and were the exact type of personalities you’d want in place in a restaurant environment. These ladies were extremely nice and we complimented them on our meal.

Midtown is our favorite area of Atlanta but the team knows my favorite spot has always been Atlantic Station. As I see Atlantic Station continue to grow and expand it makes me want to visit even more. This addition along with Meehan’s, Yard House, and Athleta are contributing to a broader, more diverse Atlantic Station.

Before I forget, on top of the flat screens, comfortable seats, friendly staff, and delicious burgers, they have Pac-Man-esque signs on their bathroom doors 🙂

So if you’re ever in the Midtown area and want a great burger and awesome dining experience you should definitely head to BGR Burger Joint at Atlantic Station. DELICIOUS!


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