Fashion Week’s Grand Finale

Some of Atlanta’s best and brightest hit the runway!

Photo by Yoh Phillips



Fashion and style were alive and kicking last week for Atlanta’s International Fashion Week (AIFW). Guests and participants came from all over the country to see what Atlanta had to offer. One thing I’ve noticed is the continuity of one of the grand finale show; the show at 200 Peachtree.


This is where we found ourselves last week to close out with a fashionably loud statement of “We do fashion here.” It’s always fun to find models and designers on the upswing of their success and work before they’ve made it big. Here we saw everything from child models to independent stylists, vendors, and up-and-coming designers.




The entire week was filled with highlighted destinations and attractions for visitors and various fashion shows around the city. All of this, leading up to the grand finale at 200 Peachtree. Here is where we saw looks and styles from the likes of Ruffled Runway, Little Miss Fashion, Anna Victoria Designs, Maye, Fabrik and more. In between the music and the runway show there were cocktails available, various vendors to browse, and afterwards hosted a great networking opportunity to all who attended.


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