Style as it should be, according to Algernon Johnson




Debuting his fall collection, Algernon Johnson put on a marvelous fashion show for patrons and special guests. The venue was Future Vision, located in Midtown, and was the perfect setting for this intimate affair. His ideas and vision could be seen on display on various models throughout the night. Bright colors, dresses with pockets, and outside-the-box designs flooded the night as creativity could be seen throughout the walkway.


Special guests included host Dominique Scott (TLC’s the Sisterhood), Momma Dee (Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta), Jonna Johnson (NFL Wifey, Model, and actress), various cast from the new reality show Single Mothers of Atlanta, child model Aja, and a performance by Caribbean artist Stylez.


His fall collection According to Sir Algernon, was a hit at last week’s show and we’re looking forward to his next show, sure to debut more creative, unique, designs. We’d like to give a big thanks to Shoni Hynes and her team for putting on a great event.


You can follow Algernon Johnson on Twitter @siralgernon which is also his Instagram handle. Stay tuned for more as Atlanta continues to raise its stock in Fashion; determined to rise above regional limitations. Look for more from this event in our next issue of The Peach Review®!


Photography by Hakim Wright

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