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Photographer Tierney Gearon’s COLORSHAPE series is opening Friday, November 8, 2013 from 6-8pm, through February 22, 2014. A contemporary artist who had gained both noted critical and commercial recognition in the US and abroad for her powerful and intense color photographs, Gearon’s new series COLORSHAPE revolves around subject of color and shape where upon the artist builds on site handmade vibrant colored Plexiglass structures in picturesque landscapes, snow-toped mountains, urban streets and neighborhoods. Known for her use of incorporating her children and their friends into her work, COLORSHAPE brilliantly captures her subjects, literally, suspended in a moment, in the multi-color plexi-shaped sculptures– while transporting both the subject and viewer to another world from the familiar to the unknown strange land of encased children and animals in prisms of reflecting color.

To celebrate the arrival of the series, Jackson Fine Art is hosting an opening night reception and artist meet and greet on Friday, November 8 from 6 to 8 p.m. that is open to the public.  Additionally, Gearon and the gallery invite children and their families to join them for free carnival and book signing of her newly released children’s Alphabet Book published by Damiani. The carnival kicks of at 11 a.m. at Jackson Fine Art and includes interactive art projects sponsored by Colorwheel of Decatur,  an appearance by Reptile Man-the snake handler, and cotton candy and cupcakes galore. The event is the perfect opportunity to introduce galleries and exhibitions the next generation of budding collectors and artists.

Gearon, an Atlanta native now living in Los Angeles, was thrust into the spotlight in 2001 when her work was featured as one of the main photographers in the famed I Am A Camera exhibition at Saatchi Gallery in London. She has been exhibited at many prominent galleries and museums including, The Parrish Art Museum, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, and Phillips de Pury & Company in London. In 2006, she released her critically acclaimed series The Mother Project along with a film, which was a featured selection at numerous film festivals, including The Tribeca Film Festival. In 2009, Gearon pushed her photography to a new zenith, double exposing film inside of the camera to produce groundbreaking chance narratives in her work titled EXPLOSURE with an exhibition at Phillips de Pury in London. Her most recent project, a 24-page feature of 13 Hollywood heroines, was featured in NY Times Magazine. Her work continues to garner world acclaim by critics and collectors alike. An artistic autodidact, her technique embraces the accidental — capturing personal, haunting images. What results are portraits that are familiar yet uncanny, surreal candid life studies documenting her family and friends that provide a look into her own inner workings, desires and fears; a continuous diary of her soul.

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