Atlanta Hawks Coach Mike Budenholzer held a teleconference yesterday to address tonight’s game against the Indiana Pacers. With the series currently tied 1-1, Game 3 is very pivotal and Budenholzer feels the team will rebound after Tuesday’s loss to the Pacers 101-85.

Budenholzer feels the team is ready physically and mentally for the series, coupled with a stronger presence on defense, will lead to them stealing back the momentum they had in game 1. He feels the team needs to rebound from their game Tuesday and are ready to implement the tactics necessary to make the best of having home court advantage.

“Coming off the loss, we feel good about being at home,” Budenholzer said. “We feel good about the energy in the building with our fans. More important than anything, we know what it takes to win a game and all the defensive activity and the competitiveness, all those things. Sometimes, you are just reminded of how important those things are coming off a loss. We are looking forward to the challenge.”

Game 3 takes place tonight at 7pm Phillips Arena

Game 4 takes place Saturday April 26th at 2pm Phillips Arena

Game 5 takes place Monday April 28th at 8pm BFC Indianapolis

Game 6 takes place Thursday May 1st TBD Phillips Arena

Game 7 takes place Saturday May 3rd TBD BFC Indianapolis

-Desmond Mclennon

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