Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro


When we last left you, it was in Manaus 🙂 We decided to take a detour on our next city and show you the awesomeness that is Rio. Rio de Janeiro is the main city that you’ve seen on TV if you’ve been following the World Cup. The World Cup final will be played in Rio this Sunday, July 13 at the Maracanã at 3pm EST (coverage will begin at 1pm EST). So whether you’re interested in visiting or you’re in Brazil right now, you should find endless things to do in the city!



Christ, The Redeemer
Christ, The Redeemer

Christ, The Redeemer: You absolutely cannot go to Rio de Janeiro and NOT see Christ, The Redeemer. If you don’t see this you completely wasted your time in this city! One of the most famous tourism sites in Rio de Janeiro, the Corcovado is a 704-meter high mountain, in front of the Carioca Mountain Range. It was visited for the very first time in the 19th century.

São Jão Fortress: It was built on the end of the Cara de Cão Hill, at the entry of the Guanabara Bay coast, besides the Sugar Loaf Mountain, in an area that now belongs to the Brazilian Army. The São José Fort is a true century-old lookout facing the bay, made up by three redoubts and a big Fort.

Museum of Modern Art: It has 11,000 art works in its permanent collection, including paintings and sculptures by internationally renowned artists. Brazilian artists including Di Cavalcanti, Lygia Clark, Helio Oiticica, Franz Weissmann, Amílcar de Castro and Wyllis de Castro also have works on display.

Maracanã Stadium

Maracanã Stadium: Opened in 1950 to host the World Cup, the Mário Filho Stadium will host this year’s final. Maracanã once held 200,000 spectators. It has been the stage of some major sporting events, including the one thousandth goal by Pelé (1969). It houses a museum dedicated to football.

The Center: The center of Rio is a place that exudes history. A walk through the main sites in the center takes the visitor on a trip to the old Rio, a city that blends strong European influence with a tropical seaside landscape.

Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon: This is the most popular location for cycling and rowing. Besides being a symbol of the city, it is an immense recreation area and the largest outdoor gastronomic center in Latin America. It has 3 parks (Cantagalo, Taboas and Patins), 9.5 km of cycle paths and 25 kiosks with bars and restaurants. 



Copacabana: THE beach, the mother-of-all beaches, the place where the party is! This is the beach you’ve been seeing on TV with the plentiful Fan Fests and Watch Parties for the World Cup. The most famous sand in Brazil that perfectly portrays Rio’s charisma and swing. Copacabana swarms with people night and day. There you can swim or just walk on the sidewalk, and have some coconut milk while you enjoy the landscape. Don’t miss the Copacabana Palace Hotel – a classic building in Rio.

Arpoador: A famous rock that invades the ocean and separates Copacabana from the Ipanema and Leblon beaches. Besides a sensational view – one of the best views of Rio with the Dois Irmãos Hill on the background – this is a surfer point. Take a seat on one of the bars along the sidewalk to enjoy the sunset. Clapping for the sunset is a local tradition.

Ipanema Beach

Ipanema: Known for Vinicius de Moraes’ song “Garota de Ipanema” this beach is popular among traditional residents, young people and artists. on the weekends, lots of people go to Ipanema to show their tan and flirt. If you are really looking for a good time, Posto 9 is the most popular beach area.

Barra da Tijuca Beach: It is the largest beach in Rio at 18 km long. Very popular among locals, its waves attract surf lovers, windsurfing and body-boarding. If you are nearby, try one of its outstanding bars and restaurants.


If you need more fun ideas for your time in Rio de Janeiro, you can get help from our friends at Visit Brasil 😉 VISIT BRASIL

We hope our World Cup Countdown helped you travelers and our fellow Americans with your Brazilian adventure! Don’t forget about the World Cup Final in Rio this Sunday! We’ll be watching for sure! 😉



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