In all my years of being a Drake fan, I never imagined him putting out a song that starts with “I’m looking for revenge.” This is Aubrey Graham, the guy that made “Best I Ever Had.” This is the same Wheelchair Jimmy that we watched on Teen Nick. He just never appeared to have a mean-spirited bone in his anatomy but, he’s been gradually becoming tougher, rapping with his chest out.

His newest single, “Summer Sixteen” is Drake really embracing rugged. He melodically sings “looking for revenge” as the sinister trap beat drops and the Toronto superstar becomes hip-hop’s super-villain. His arrogance is at its highest: President Obama is mentioned, Meek catches a few slick bars as Drake said, ‘he’s playing dirty not clean’.



The song explodes when the beat switches, the drums explode louder than the sound that is made when Thor’s hammer collides with Hulk’s fist. Drake doesn’t miss a step, he turns the heat up, claiming that he used to want to sign with Roc-A-Fella and now he’s the new Jay. Then goes on to say that his pool is bigger than Kanye’s. The line shouldn’t be taken as disrespectful but don’t be surprised if Kanye is plotting to build a pool the size of Toronto.

Drake is feeling himself, he feels invincible and “Summer Sixteen” is just another lap toward Drake’s big victory. Views From The 6 is slated to be released in April, possibly the album that will solidify Drake’s position as rap’s most popular and prominent artist. What a time to be alive!

Summer Sixteen


-Yoh Phillips


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