The long-awaited eighth studio album from Rihanna is finally here. Rihanna took us by surprise with the sudden release of Anti to Tidal and Samsung users. After listening to this album a few times the verdict is finally out: Rihanna has a solid album that will bring new listeners into her fan base.

She shows her growth as an artist on this album by straying away from an entire pop filled album to more soulful tracks. She found a good balance by having those Rihanna records that we’re used to but experimenting with vintage sounds on songs like ‘Kiss It Better’ and ‘Love on the Brain.’ She still contains that dark mystique that we love about Rihanna but, it seems like she’s owned it and learned how to control it instead of the opposite.

She took risks with ballads which i can appreciate but I don’t expect amazing vocals from Rihanna. The effort was apparent on ‘Higher’ but at times it felt strained. I can appreciate the musicality of these type of songs overall. I think this is the first album from start to finish where most people who weren’t real fans of Rihanna could really listen to the album in its entirety and not want to skip any songs. From the straight to the point intro of ‘Consideration’ to the catchy beat of ‘Work’ down to the sweetness of ‘Close to You’… Its safe to say that Rihanna has found her niche.

It’s rare that artists have a well-rounded album that is easy to listen to all the way through. I have followed Rihanna from the beginning of her career and I’m finally seeing the growth and risks that as a fan, I’ve been longing for.


-Keisha Campbell

*Anti will be available on Pandora Feb. 1

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  1. This is very well written. Your article makes me want to turn my speakers all the way up and jam out. Thank you for such a great read!!

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