Today is the day for your trip and there a few things you want to make sure are in your carry-on. If you’re like me, you prefer to travel with no makeup to allow your skin to breath. If not, be sure to pack some moisturizing makeup remover wipes to remove your makeup, especially if you’re on a longer flight. Moisturizing sprays, sheet masks, and water are your best friends.

Hydrating face sprays give an extra boost to your skin throughout any flight. Evian Mineral Water Spray and First Aid Beauty Vitamin Hydrating Mist are affordable but efficient sprays that add a refreshing mist of moisture to your skin. Being at such high altitudes can dry out the skin and the air on a plane isn’t always the cleanest. Adding vitamins and minerals to your skin puts back what is being taken out (it also adds extra protection with the treatments you did the night before).

Evian Mineral Water Spray

First Aid Travel Beauty Series

The next item is sheet masks. If you are on a flight under three hours I don’t see this as a necessity. Sheet masks are a quick way to enjoy a mini facial while taking care  of your skin. These can be very expensive for no reason in my opinion. Sephora hosts a nice variety of these masks for a reasonable price as well as brands like Dr. Jart and Boscia. These masks are no more than ten dollars. I do this before I take a nap on the plane and when I wake up, my skin is very soft and plump.

Sephora Travel Beauty Series

Taking these small steps as a frequent flyer ensures I am taking the best care of my skin and I don’t have to worry about doing extra work once I step off the plane. As I’ve said before, even with oily skin, it is important to hydrate our skin properly. Hydration prevents premature aging, fine line, wrinkles and many other major signs of aging. Stay tuned for the last segment detailing the steps to take after a long flight.



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-Keisha Campbell

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