Online gaming portal has announced an August 2016 release for Idol Wars, a popular Japanese-language competitive online RPG that it has localized for English-language audiences. Pre-registration for the game will go live on August 1.

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Idol Wars is a browser game where players take on the role of a producer of a Japanese Idol group as they make their way from fresh-faced debutants to seasoned starlets. The title is aimed at fans of Japanese Idol culture and the Collectible Card Game genre.

Gameplay consists of recruiting, training, and levelling a team of Idols to face off against rival group opponents, both AI and multiplayer. Players must progress through Quest stages or join Boss battles to recruit Idols. Idols can also be acquired through paid gachas.

Idol Wars’ hardcore multiplayer element offers a unique gameplay experience. Players collaborate by joining together in “productions” to help take down tough enemy bosses, and then fight each other in interactive duels where rival pop groups face off from opposite sides of the stage. Maintaining a competitive production team will be critical for winning the biggest events, which reward rare characters and prizes.

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Additional Game Details
-95 beautifully illustrated characters available at launch, each with their own unique stats, abilities, and personalities.-Competitive multiplayer element lets players deploy Idol teams against each other for in-game rewards.

-Form “Productions” (clans) for in-game strategizing against human opponents.

-Dream Fest, a guild-vs.-guild battle mode, is one of Idol Wars’ highlight features.

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