AJ Jones and Michael Finn, co-founders of Nova House announced that a grand opening date has been set for Nova House’s new commercial space, which includes Atlanta’s first communal lounge/hub for actors and other entertainment creatives. The date is set for Sunday, December 10, from 12pm to 6pm ET.

“Actors are tired of going to other services to tape auditions, which either feel sterile and uninviting or add financial stress to an actor’s creativity. We’re thrilled to be a place where actors and creatives such as writers and filmmakers can call home, and can’t wait to show the rest of the city a common space for artists that has never existed,” says Jones, who serves as President of the business.

Nova House builds on the concept of audition taping, a common service provided in Atlanta to support the exploding entertainment market, by focusing on the support of actors themselves as creative individuals (rather than someone simply needing a one-time service). Taped auditions have taken actors out of the audition office, where relationships and bonds with other actors were once created, and have stranded them in their own homes or at existing taping services. This has led to a lack of community and growth in the Atlanta market.

Nova House’s concept is ideal for bringing back the sense of community that is lacking in the creative field. Nova House members receive unlimited audition taping for the month, as well as access to the new 2,500 square feet communal office space. This new office includes a lounge with couches, coffee/tea service, a conference setup with table and whiteboard for production meetings, communal library, and two rooms dedicated to audition taping.


Since opening in late June in an apartment in Atlanta, Nova House has signed up nearly 130 members, revealing the obvious need for a space for actors unlike anything else currently offered.

AJ Jones and Michael Finn, both professional film and TV actors, serve as “taping coaches,” a delicate and difficult position which takes patience with actors, and an understanding of audition technique. Gillian Fitzgerald (our COO) is also a professional actress and has an extensive background in entertainment administration.

The grand opening will include an industry panel Q&A with a focus on auditions and audition taping. Gina Henry from MI Talent Agency, Chris Young and Tay Smith from BYSB Talent Agency, and Todd Anthony from Premiere Actor’s Network are confirmed to be on the panel. AJ Jones and Michael Finn will moderate.

The event is free of charge and open to the public at 2800 North Druid Hills Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30329.

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