On Thursday, July 26, Digable Planets returned to ‘The Masquerade’ in Atlanta.  Performing on ‘The Heaven’ stage, The DP’s wowed the crowd with all their favorites.  But before The DP’s dawned the stage the crowd was brought to their feet by both opening acts.

Philadelphia’s own MC DRES along with New York deejay DJ Majestic primed the runway for The DP’s along with Atlanta’s own Yani Mo. 

DRES’ performance was high energy and really kept the crowd pumped; he and Majestic really have a nice flow, and DRES has no problem with giving Majestic the limelight and letting his star shine. The synergy between these two guys was visible.

Yani Mo, the local homegirl from Lithonia, GA followed DRES’ high energy performance with a performance that was ‘Badu-esque’ in feel and sound.  She wowed the crowd with her smooth, sensual licks and it quickly became apparent why her star is on the rise.

DRES and Majestic again took the stage and got the crowd amped before yielding to the headliners.

Ladybug, Doodlebug, and Ishmael Butler were in full effect.  I’ve always enjoyed seeing artists perform live who sound like their recordings — enter Digable Planets.  Even though Ladybug Mecca was obviously not at 100% (she had on a ‘boot’ over one of her foot, ankle, and calves, and kept it elevated as she sat in a recliner throughout the show), she gave it her all from a sitting position.  The DP’s rocked the house as they performed all of their crowd favorites; they transformed the Heaven Stage into a gigantic sing-along; whether it was ‘Cool Like Dat’, ‘Where I’m From’, or ‘Pacifics’, whenever The DP’s would call, the crowd was always on cue with their response.

As The DP’s continue their tour across the country, hip-hop fans would be remiss if they allowed this talented trifecta to come to their town without checking them out.

They’re cool like that.


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