We finally got another Joseph Gordon-Levitt flick. I can’t really say why he’s so universally liked but the baby-faced star shines yet again in his role in 7500.

In his role as Tobias Ellis, he’s a father, a boyfriend, and pilot preparing for a routine flight from Berlin to Paris. Everything seems normal as they ascend just above cruising altitude but then, all hell breaks loose. The cockpit becomes a pivotal battleground that would decide the fate of everyone on board.

The film starts sluggish and with little detail but eventually gains momentum around the 15-minute mark. If you’re wondering where the film got its name, the Emergency Code for a plane hijacking is 7500.

This might be a bore or seem incredible, it just depends on who you are. But for me? Seeing an entire film basically shot from the cockpit of a plane takes some creativity. As you can imagine, the door to the cockpit is heavily enforced for reasons such as the plot of this film. There’s a camera just outside the door that allows you to see outside. Switching between the monitor inside (pictured below) the cockpit and the cockpit itself, there isn’t much excitement as far as locations.


Another impressive performance was that of Vedat, played by Omid Memar. I could’ve gone without all the yelling he did throughout the film but the way he changed from the start of the flight till the ending paralleled the growth you’ll see in Tobias. Experiencing a hijacked flight would change anyone.

I give 7500 a 7 out of 10. The trailer is way more exciting than the film, to be honest. But regardless, there’s enough suspense to keep it interesting and enjoyable. 7500 will be available this Thursday, June 18, on Prime Video. The film’s original release date was Friday, June 19, but Amazon pushed it up a day out of respect for Juneteenth.


-Jon J.

*Images: Courtesy of Amazon Studios

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