If you’re a fan of gaming, anime, film, or just a good time, then Dragon Con is the place for you.

There are always good times to be had when it comes to Dragon Con. Pandemic or not, the organization and its volunteers worked relentlessly to bring back the magic for Labor Day Weekend and we’re all grateful.

Walking through the Marriott Marquis during Dragon Con 2022

Because of a few remaining pandemic restrictions, it was a bit different this year than the past two, but it was still fun. A lot of things had changed. For example, the way you purchase tickets. You used to be able to go to a hotel and just buy a day pass but everything is online (granted, it makes sense to go contactless since we’re coming off the other end of a pandemic). Also, they were pretty restrictive with interviews this year but I get it: less contact the better.

One of the best things about Dragon Con is the cosplay. To show my age a bit, there were a few Little Shop of Horrors cosplays that stood out just because I loved the film. Cosplay isn’t just a hobby, it’s a mechanism. It can be used as a conversation starter or a channel that leads to friendship and that’s what cons are all about. You see your old friends and cosplay friends and have a great opportunity to meet new friends. I made some new ones myself when I took part in the Dragon Con Black Geeks photoshoot.

Friends and Cosplay are a Great Mix

I met a lot of first-timers who attended. The large crowds overwhelmed them and that’s normal. If you’ll be attending for the first time, just take your time. Everyone is so friendly, so nice, people will actually look out for you. I’ve had people return stuff that I’ve dropped and even randomly buy me drinks. It’s part of what makes these conventions so awesome.

The lines for the dealer’s room were really long (like wrapped-around-the-building long). The parade was good. The last time I saw the parade was four years ago and I remember it being boring. The announcers weren’t the best. This time they were way more lively and they definitely knew what they were talking about. I was supposed to be in the parade this year but there was some miscommunication. No bigs, there’s always next year.

I’m grateful for all of the effort that was put into Dragon Con this year. Yes, there were some restrictions, but, the best part is everyone being able to be together. The ability to rejoin a community and for first-timers, build that community.

Next year will be even better because that’s another year past the COVID shutdown. With each passing year, we’ll be closer to normalcy. But not too normal. It is Dragon Con, so… Keep it weird.


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