One of electronic music’s fastest-rising stars, LP Giobbi is back with her highly anticipated Defected debut, ‘Giodisco’. 

The DJ, producer, and classically trained musician has teased the high-energy cut at shows across the globe, with the track now set to fill dancefloors all summer long. The joyful and vibrant ‘Giodisco’ further builds on her modern, disco-adjacent sound with filter techniques, expert sidechaining, and infectious hooks spearheading the production. 

Uniquely combining elements of melodic techno with distinctive tribal and Afro-house influences, Toronto-based Swiss-Caribbean DJ/producer Jordan John is one of the most exciting new artists to arrive on the music scene. 

The Afro-melodic stylings on his ambitious debut album ‘Who Is Jordan John’, released on Steve Lawler’s iconic eVIVE label, immediately transports the listener onto the eternal summer dancefloor, with a mesmerizing sound that resonates across the continents from Bali to Tulum to Ibiza to Burning Man. A journey of exploration inspired by his cinematic live sets, ‘Who Is Jordan John’ is the perfect introduction to this superlative new artist.

New Your City alterna-punks Baby Got Back Talk are debuting the new single and music video “I’m Sorry I’m a Moron, But Also, Help,” off their upcoming ‘Wince, Repeat’EP, due out July 21st on Wiretap Records.

Baby Got Back Talk is a D-I-why?-because-we-gotta punk party from New York City. The band teamed with producer John Naclerio (Just Surrender, The Audition) at Nada Recording Studios for their 2022 EP, ‘Existential Shred’ (Wiretap Records).

Chicago-bred producer The Duchess joins the likes of Fredrick,  Dani King, SIPPY, and Aliiias on FMU Records’ continuously growing and meticulously curated roster. “Fkdmeupinside” serves as The Duchess’s first release since releasing the sped-up version of her 2018 collaboration with Convex and Elle Vee, “Out Of My Mind,” in early 2023 via Lowly. The track sees her debut her native vocals on one of her own productions and chronicles an intimate anecdote of a past relationship. With “Fkdmeupinside”, The Duchess and FMU Records, influence producers and music enthusiasts alike to transcend conventional boundaries and reshape the confinements of their creative endeavours. 

After much fanfare for his recent singles, rising star of the electronic scene Pocket releases his debut Helix Records EP, ‘Love Disc.’ The eclectic six-track EP features previous singles “U (ft. BRONZE AVERY),” “Crying at Supermac’s” and “Evergreen (ft. kloe)” alongside new single, “Wait For Me”    

Diversity is the game’s name when it comes to Pocket’s approach to music and the EP offers a kaleidoscope of ranges and styles. Emblematic of Pocket’s fresh sound, “U (ft. BRONZE AVERY)” is the perfect combination of pop, house, and UK garage. Pocket’s light and airy instrumental melds perfectly with BRONZE AVERY’s powerful-yet-soothing vocals.

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