Christian rapper, Emanuel Da Prophet, has released a new remixed single featuring rapper Rich The Kid titled “Ghetto Gospel”. The track was originally released in 2021 on his EP My Story And Transformation. This remix, however, marks his first collaboration with a well-known secular artist. Staying true to his nature, the track is still free of vulgarity.

The Michigan native has been creative in making a name for himself. Using his testimony as the root of his credibility, he consistently acknowledges that his past actions (approaching rap like “most” rappers with drugs and vulgarity) were a mistake. His talent lies in that well-known Michigan style of rap that sounds like general conversation that may or may not stay on beat, supported by trap beats, and anchored in a positive message. To put it plainly, he’s going to shake up the music industry. You can follow him on Instagram.

Connecticut’s American Thrills have released a track labeled “Alive and Well”. The track is off their Parted Ways Acoustic One Takes EP.

S/J (the solo project of folk/punk musician Seth Jude Richard), has released his debut single “Love So Fierce.” The highly personal track was recorded for his autistic son about the struggles he goes through in the world we live in.

Back with the jump off – BIJOU and Drezo reunite in a big way with the release of their new track “Goons.”

Both BIJOU and Drezo have made quite the mark on the house and bass house scene, so it’s no surprise “Goons” goes off in a big way. The single is a dynamic fusion of dark, bass-heavy house elements with intricate production – incorporating both artists’ signature styles into one cohesive summer anthem. “Goons” features driving beats and infectious basslines that create an intense, energetic atmosphere on the dancefloor. 

PLS&TY’s new single “Your Love,” is out now and can easily be streamed below. For this, PLS&TY teamed up with Kenyan singer Sofiya Nzau. The new track comes hot on the heels of his “3 Days, 2 Nights” EP from past months and sets a new sonic direction for the Florida-based artist.

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