Yesterday we went to visit an art gallery downtown that has totally changed the way I think about art galleries. I mean completely lol. Not only did this place have soothing surround sound music, but the art was amazing! It’s 2 levels, the upstairs has a lounge area & bar, they have 4 projectors setup to show whatever you want on a HUGE screen, and the screen reflects to the outside so people walking/driving can see it too! Their website also sports a “virtual viewer” where you can email them a picture of a room/area and they can show you what it would look like with one of their pieces! It has a CLEAR view of the Georgia Dome, parking is very easy to find, and it’s in the trendy Castleberry Hill district.

We don’t want to give the whole story away so we’re saving the saucy pictures for the magazine:) but when we go back & chat with the owners (who are both under 35 by the way) we’ll show you why their art gallery is gonna change the way YOU picture art & galleries forever! You can visit their website here: 

Here’s some of the art that stood out to us….






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