Good afternoon everyone! we have had an action packed weekend, and the start to our action packed weekend was watching “A Wrinkle in Time” at the Balzer Theatre at Herrens in downtown Atlanta. Based off of the best selling children’s book by Madeleine L’Engle, “A Wrinkle in Time” takes us to the house of Meg Murry on a oh-so famous “dark and stormy night.” Meg Murry (played by Emma Jackson) finds herself unable to sleep because of the inclement weather. Thunderous roars keep her awake and afraid. Unable to sleep, she goes to make herself some tea when we’re introduced to her brother Charles Wallace (played by Andrew Crigler). When Meg starts to feel down and reminisces on past memories of her father we learn that Mr. Murry is a scientist who randomly disappears after he leaves for work one day.

Meg and her brother Charles Wallace, accompanied by their friend Calvin O’Keefe (played by Lowry Brown) go on adventure to find their father. But this is only by the help of magical strangers from the forest and a mysterious creature named Mrs. Who (played by Kate Donadio). I thoroughly enjoyed the performance by this group of actors/actresses. Definitely one of the more popular children stories, “A Wrinkle in Time” is an animated story that forces you to be a kid again and use great imagination while the story comes to a fold. With an antagonist named “IT” and a supporting cast of wizards, aliens, and helpful monsters in the forest, you can definitely understand why this was a best-selling children’s book! 🙂

I feel like each actor/actress captured their character perfectly! This was also the first play I had been to in recent memory that didn’t have an intermission. But that was fine because you still got a sense of a great story within 90 minutes time. I felt the props were excellent for what they stood for and the highlight of all the props definitely had to be when you discover who “IT” is. That was impressive but I can’t ruin it by telling you what IT looked like. I’ll just highly suggest you go catch the play 🙂 It’ll be at the Balzer Theatre at Herrens until May 6th so you still have time!


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