We were part of a select few media/bloggers invited to a very entertaining experience presented by Juicy Juice. Everyone in attendance were the first to try Juicy Juice Teasers, the new drink by Juicy Juice.

It’s great that the familiar juice box we grew up on (80s & 90s) is making a comeback and with a new product for this new generation. Juicy Juice Teasers are a combination of juice and tea so it was very appropriate that the South (known for sweet tea) was first in line to get a taste.

After chatting it up with Juicy Juice rep Coreen Bailor, we had a better idea of the company’s direction:

“She (Ryleigh) is a good, young talent. She’s definitely on the rise and we’re just happy to work with someone who has that energy and represents a lot of what Juicy Juice stands for.” 

This was the first time the company had ever worked with a social media star so this was a big step forward for everyone. “We were trying to come up with an event to launch this (Teasers) in a big way, and the media agency we work with (360 PR) knew about Ryleigh, introduced us to her, and here we are.”

Teaming up with YouTube sensation Ryleigh Ledford was a great move. The talented, 15 year-old rising star became famous for her pop covers on YouTube. She’s sung the National Anthem at a Braves game, stays active in her community, recorded her first CD at age 12, and has close to 100,000 subscribers on her channel.

We were fortunate enough to catch her when she wasn’t raking in millions of hits on one of her videos (and she has lots of them) as she happily posed for pictures with kids and performed for the crowd along with radio station Power 96.1. She deserves the acclaim for sounding amazing but she’s equally a gem to be around as a person.

Ryleigh Ledford

Juicy Juice provided all attendees with zip sacs and desserts as gifts. In the sacs were necessary items for life like selfie sticks (because who’s gonna pass up a free selfie stick) and Juicy Juice graphics. Adults and kids alike enjoyed themselves and she definitely gained new fans from The Peach Review®.

Juicy Juice

juicy juice

With plenty of food and fun for all (and even “adult” Juicy Juice concoctions) we had an amazing time with everyone at the King Plow Center with Juicy Juice and Ryleigh Ledford. You can check them out on FACEBOOK and follow RYLEIGH on YouTube for all of her videos. A beverage company that targets children pairs up with a talented child-star whose as sweet as the drinks they’re promoting, was a match made in heaven.

In the words of the local poet Otis Williams Jr:

“Long live the juice!”


-Jon J.

Photo: Keisha Campbell


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